How to Establish Your Brand

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How to Establish Your Brand

When the competition gets tough, you have to be tougher. You need to do all measures to make sure your business is winning. One way to do that is to establish your brand.

There are a couple of ways to build and personalized a brand no matter what your career is. First of all, you have to know the brand voice – what it is that you’re bringing to the table. For example, Lululemon is like a cult because so many people are wearing the clothes and tweeting about it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re actually ever touched a yoga mat in your life, you’re wearing Lulu.

Secondly, keep your message simple. The simpler you keep the brand; the more people will be able to remember you, especially when using video to deliver your message. A prime example of this is in corporate video production. Huge corporations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars establishing their brand through memorable commercials. is The authenticity is why they connect with you. It’s why they’re coming back every day waiting for your post. It’s like saying to your audience: “I think I can really trust a lot of you guys so I’m going to tell you some really personal things about my life and so hopefully you guys grab some lunch too”. That voice allows people to feel like they know you and your brand.

Establish a Plan

Know what’s going to connect you to your customer or your client or your employer. Airbnb, Uber, Whole Foods have all done tremendous jobs getting people engaged in their brand. Consistently be yourself and show up as you would every day. Some of the common areas that brands drop the ball today would be one trying to be too many things to too many different people.

I think oftentimes, brands know themselves so well that when someone asked them a simple question, “What do you do?”, they rattle off like 10 different things. I think when people are creating brands and they try and be like their competitor versus finding their own personal niche, it points them in a direction that they’re always trying to compete with another brand. But if you’re able to carve out of your own path and find your own place, ultimately you’ll be more successful.

Branding is to celebrate what makes you and your company unique and stay true to who you are. Find a market that fits your product and does not try too hard to sell it to everyone. There is always a consumer base that has the demand for it and they’re using it. Once you find them, you can really start to build your marketing and your brand in a different way.